Friday, October 9, 2009

The Colorado Trail: Equipment List

I strongly believe in the lightweight philosophy of backpacking. Carrying light gear doesn't mean compromising comfort or safety. In fact, it can enhance both of these while in the backcountry. I find it is more comfortable to walk along a trail with 15-25 pounds in my backpack than 40+ pounds. Carrying a light bag lets you avoid the plods and staring three feet in front of your feet the whole time. It really can be enjoyable to walk trails with a backpack that has 5+ days worth of food and supplies. Knowing how to use gear for multiple purposes (sleeping pad doubles as a seat, backpack under your legs at night to avoid carrying a full length pad, using your sleeping bag as a warm layer in the evening rather than bringing a heavy fleece jacket, etc.) can make you more self-sufficient and confident in the outdoors. You don't need the whole kitchen sink!

Morgan's Gear List

Brooks Running Shorts
REI Convertible Pants
Smartwool socks (2 pair)
Patagonia Midweight Long Underwear Bottoms
REI Midweight Long Underwear Top
Patagonia Lightweight Wicking Tee
REI Midweight Fleece Hoodie
GoLite Poncho/Tarp
REI Boxer Briefs
Baseball style Breathable Cap
REI Fleece Gloves
Nike Air Pegasus Running Shoes w/Superfeet Insoles

GoLite 20 degree Quilt
Black closed-cell ensolite half-pad

Backpack/Water Storage:
GoLite Infinity Pack (old model, straps and lid trimmed)
Deuter 3-liter Water bladder & one 20-oz plastic water bottle

Cooking/Water Purifying:
Tuna Can Alcohol Stove
16 oz Denatured Alcohol (lasts 6 days)
1-liter MSR Stainless Steel Pot w/Lid
Aqua Mira Water Purifying Drops (Part A and B)

Sony DCR-SX40 Video Camcorder w/8GB memomry card
Extra 4GB Memory Card
Mountainsmith Flash Camera Case (size M)
REI 2-Person Ultralight Tent (carried fly and poles, Robyn carried the tent body)
Leki Titan Trekking Poles
Homemade First Aid Kit
Credit Card/Driver's License/$40 cash
Princeton Tec 4-Mode Headlamp
Colorado Trail Databook
Colorado Trail Maps (only the pages for the section we were hiking)

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